What is this Project About?

My goal with this writing is to try and trace the intersections of political theory, science and technology studies and the environment. It in part gives rise to the name of this site. By exploring praxis I draw attention to the need to apply our philosophical arguments on natures and societies. The hope is this is a place to explore how the construction of society in political philosophy and the construction of nature can be better explored.

Much of the writing here is on ocean and marine policy, my research focus. However, my central interest in the ways we represent society and nature lend themselves to exploring many policy domains. And, my own tendency to wander the intellectual plains also opens the door for other topics. As a researcher in a school of government, my policy interests grow to include issues of equality, distribution and community. As a social scientist I am interested in how meaning is developed, the power various structures confer, and how these play out in groups and organizations.

The posts that follow are various efforts to test all of these ideas out – and sometimes clumsily.

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