Natural Resource Values, Policy, and Values (NRPVE)

Course Exercise Data

The following datasets or tools will be used in class for NRPVE. These are available to use online or as a download to your computer.

USGS Benefit Transfer Toolkit

Series of databases and an online tool for benefit transfer.

CSU Benefit Transfer Toolkit

This is a zipfile of a large number of files including training presentations, documentation, and data.

Recreation Use Values Database

This Oregon State University managed database is a comprehensive listing of recreation use values studies. Use for benefit transfer studies. More information available here:

Summary of RUVD data:

Readings and References

Benefit Transfer of Outdoor Recreation Use Values

Rosenberger and Loomis 2001 USFS technical report on Benefit Transfer methods.

Foundations of Public Service (Morgan, Shinn and Green)

This Foundations of Public Service chapter covers many of the topics from Day One of the course.