NDPTC: Social Media Resources

Social Media Policies and Best Practices

Common Messaging: Keeping the message straight is a key challenge, this collaborative Google Sheet shares a number of short and specific messages across various hazard and emergency types.

Social Media Examples: wide collection of examplesThis and tools can help you explore innovative ways to engage social media.

Social Media Policy Examples: collection of social media policies This is a good place to start in developing a policy, or to review for updating existing policies.

Pew Internet Use Research:fact sheets Pew periodically surveys American on their internet and social media use. These can help understand who your audience may be.

Social Media Analysis

Social Network Analysis (SNA): A strength of Twitter is its open data, several tools can help you map out conversations on Twitter. But other networks can also be explored. Tools include:

  • Socviz: An open source tool for quickly mapping search terms. Limited to past week and smaller set of users unless upgraded.
  • Netlytic: An open source tool that can also integrate with Facebook, Instagram and even raw text data.
  • NodeXL: An Excel add on for social media analysis.

Mapping Tools

Collaborative online mapping can be used to collect data from the public or collaborate among experts to refine data. Some available tools include:

Examples from the Field

This video captures some of the Zello traffic of the Cajun Navy during Hurricane Harvey.